Tower Conquest X AMG DAO 

Assemble Your Squad in the world of Tower Conquest with AMG DAO!

partnership announcement


Creating new economic opportunities in the Metaverse through gaming has always been on the forefront of the activities of AEY Metaverse Guild DAO or AMG DAO for short. In order to build the necessary skills for jobs and other economic opportunities in crypto gaming, we are establishing collaborations with games built on blockchain-based economies, so our members will have a wide array of options in terms of how they would like to approach finding a job in the metaverse.


What is Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition?





NFT Heroes


NFT Heroes can turn the tide of any battle in Tower Conquest. They are the most powerful units with the highest battle stats and enhanced abilities. They have no charges unlike other units, and can be deployed unlimited times.



Choose Your Faction


The world of TC:ME is one where magic is real and a part of everyday life, thanks to a resource known as Mana. It’s home to two factions — the Undead and the Kingsmen. They’re at constant war with each other to control the land and Mana of the Tower Conquest Metaverse.


Real-Time Multiplayer (Player vs Player) mode


Multiplayer in TC:ME is real-time. You’ll need to be on your toes, change strategies on the fly, and react to enemy attacks while defending your own tower. You play against other players from across the world and battle it out to destroy each other’s towers.


Campaign Mode


And if you prefer playing solo, there’s the campaign mode. In this mode, you’ll battle against AI-controlled enemies to advance through the map of the land. You’ll complete quests, level up, and uncover TC:ME’s deepest secrets and enchanting realms as you progress through the levels.



What does AMG DAO bring to the table with Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition for players and the ecosystem?


As part of the partnership, AMG DAO will acquire assets from TC:ME so our members can start playing the game and potentially earn while doing so.






AMG is a decentralized autonomous organization, creating new economic opportunities through crypto gaming as a first employer of the metaverse.


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