Stream-to-Earn Program

With our stream to earn program we would like to provide the opportunity for every gamer streamer to start earning crypto through creating live streaming content for our games.


It doesn’t matter if you are a small or famous streamer, the opportunity is open to everyone.

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How does it work?

Every month we are allocating a fund to support creators, its size depends on how many streamers would like to start.

Getting started is very easy, you can do it in 3 steps – each will be explained below, too:

  1. Fill out the form so we know who to look for!


  2. Select a game from our app that you like – click here


  3. Download our Stream-to-Earn package you can find below
  4. Setup your Stream as you can see in the video, use the assets
  5. Stream & Earn based on the monthly pool we’ve allocated – you can check this out if you scroll down
  6. You can stream in your own language on your channel!

Setting up your Stream

Once you downloaded the Stream-to-Earn Package you can use OBS or Streamlabs to setup your Stream to be eligible for the program.


Make sure you add our free overlays and the description we are providing.


Check out our setup video, here.

Getting paid, yo!

There are no minimum requirements, however your share from the fund will depend on the following:

  1. Duration of your streams


  2. Quality of your streams – of course you won’t get anything for just streaming your screensaver…


  3. Variety of games you’re streaming


  4. After each month you’ll get your share on your crypto wallet in stable coins you can spend


  5. Currently we don’t care if anyone is watching you, we just want you to get started!
  6. You can always check out how much money you can make each month, just scroll down or click here

Games you can stream!

Axie Infinity
League of Empires
Titan Hunters
Phantom Galaxies
The Bornless
Bless Global
Big Time

Reward Pool Plans - Amounts