• 2023 Q3

    Complete modding suite for GTA RP
    Mod manager and installer
    Scripting tools and API integration
    Complete modding suite for League of Legends
    Modding tools for champion customization
    In-game UI customization
    Map and environment modding

  • 2024 Q1

    A game launcher and hub for games (UGC support only)
    Game library and discovery
    One-click game launching
    User profiles and social features
    Integration with modding platforms

  • 2024 Q2

    A creator dashboard for modding games using AI
    AI-powered mod suggestion and generation
    Automated compatibility checking
    Mod performance optimization
    Collaboration and version control

  • 2024 Q3

    A marketplace for creators to sell their creations
    Creation listing and storefront
    Payment and royalty management
    User ratings and reviews
    Community engagement features

  • 2024 Q4

    An SDK for game developers to build-in our solution
    Integration documentation and guidelines
    Modding API and tools
    Support for various game engines
    Developer community and support

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