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Being part of the guild is all fun and games – literally. We wanted everyone to have the chance to get more out of your guild activities and even represent yourself as a guild member through our NFT collection. It doesn’t matter which game you’re playing within our guild, whether you are creating content, winning tournaments or just enjoying casual gameplay – this is your chance to let you profile photo represent that you’re part of the AMG DAO family.

As we grow and evolve, this NFT will provide you access to exclusive games, AI based content generation opportunities so you can also start building for the games you love and even IRL events!


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Unlimited potential - Grow with us 🔥

Check out some pieces of the collection

Innovative Isaac

In-game content creator

Bron Lyfans


Competitive Cooper

Esports Player

Bearish Brian

Crypto Expert

Patient Parker

Community Manager

Polyhistor Petra

Knows it all

Entertaining Ezra

Here for fun

Bitcoin Bill

Pays for pizza with crypto games

The most important part of the collection

Guild NFT Utilities

Exclusive Access

Use your NFT to access our AI powered tools, buy premium merchandise or even participate in exclusive guild events!

Rarity Based

A variety of periodic and permanent benefits and a real use-case - all based on the rarity of your own NFT body parts!

Holder's Perks

It also pays to be a holder: early investment opportunities and even pre-purchase options for future Guild assets!

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