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The role of the Guilds in the metaverse



One of the major developments of the previous year is metaverse (and the coming period).
Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks, supporters and opponents, just as with every invention. But there is no denying that the process is on way, that advancement is ongoing, and that what is possible will finally be accomplished according to thousands of years of experience.

The rising interest in the NFT market, the crypto industry, and play-to-earn are the best examples of this. Naturally, uncertainty and doubt are not excluded by curiosity. Because of this, a lot of individuals are reluctant to attempt these novel activities; here is where the Guilds can help.


What is our role in the whole innovation process and why is it worthwhile to join AMG DAO are two of the most frequent questions we occasionally receive.

We created a DAO because we prefer to conceive of ourselves as a vast community that helps and supports one another. Nevertheless, we have not lost the guild character, which serves as a gateway to a brand-new “world” that is mostly unexplored. If you will, a secure crossing where you receive constant guidance and assistance.


But enough with the analogies; let’s focus on the reasons you should join us:


  1. Opportunities for learning and development
  2. We take the risk
  3. We support you
  4. Be part of a brutally good community
  5. Build a career


We are most afraid of what we don’t understand, and this is true of the metaverse, the play-to-earn world, and the cryptosphere. We are skeptical of them until we comprehend them, or at the very least, until we have some interaction with them.

You are probably familiar with the proverb “information is power,” and we do not hoard our knowledge. We strive to offer a continual learning and growth opportunity for anyone interested through the articles we post here, our continuous live streaming on YouTube, our weekly podcast streams, and our Discord server, which is updated daily.


Through our scholar programs, we help you to get started with the play-to-earn games we offer, virtually “for free” and without any risk.
Our goal is to give everyone who loves to play and is interested in P2E the chance to safely get a taste of this world through us. And if they like what they experience there, we can conquer the whole P2E market together, in the long term, with common goals. We believe strongly in the principle of “community is strength”. 🙂





We attempt to give our users continual, nearly round-the-clock help since we realize that new queries, stumbling blocks, or unknown circumstances might always occur despite having an infinite collection of information.

Since learning and growth are the main priorities for everyone, there are no such things as foolish questions. Naturally, there are two sides to every story since we can only assist someone if they are willing to put in the necessary time and effort.

Community is the foundation of both the DAO and the guild. Our staff has always been fiercely cool, encouraging, and varied, and it keeps expanding. We are really happy with that!

We have many acquaintances, friendships, and even chances for working with others as a consequence of this.

As was previously said, we have no hidden intention to collectively destroy conqueror the P2E sector, at least in Central Europe, but the possibilities are endless. As a result, we offer members not only the chance to start but also opportunities for ongoing learning and professional advancement.
We don’t simply give you the first shove.




We’ve been asked several times recently why the abbreviation DAO is used in the name of our website and Discord server, and what do these three little letters stand for? We’ll quickly answer: Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

The full name that appears on Discord is AMG DAO – AEY Metaverse Guild. So, we are a Guild and we are also a DAO.


Imagine living in a community where anybody, from any country, may join without knowing anyone else and where everyone’s voice is heard, an independent community with its own laws.

Numerous solutions to issues that cannot be resolved in the physical world are being developed thanks to the increasing development of digitalization. As a result, DAOs were developed, which may be thought of as a type of “joint-stock corporation” in the digital realm with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

There is no central administration in a decentralized organization; instead, decisions are made jointly by the members, for instance through voting. without restrictions imposed by hierarchy or bureaucracy.


The basic operating principle


The concept of the DAO was born out of need and made possible by the blockchain.

One of the most fundamental human wants is a sense of belonging, and we work hard to satisfy it. We won’t discuss the psychological context of this, so don’t worry. However, the reality is that a completely new set of needs of today’s generations has been the driving force behind the development of DAOs.

This level of belonging is new. A group of people from different parts of the world with share interests may collaborate productively in a secure setting. In the real world, it would be nearly hard to accomplish this. Fortunately, the introduction of blockchain technology has sparked a plethora of ideas.


To understand the DAOs system, we need to know the underlying technology, i.e. the function of the blockchain. First of all, blockchain is not the same as Bitcoin as many people think today. Indeed, Bitcoin was the first blockchain network to emerge, but the technology itself has long outgrown the world of cryptocurrencies and provides state-of-the-art solutions in countless areas.


The blockchain’s security is provided by pre-written, impenetrable software that runs on a decentralized (distributed) network. Through so-called smart contracts, which are unchangeable and irreversible, it guarantees automated procedures. It functions as a sort of register or “ledger” that keeps a verifiable record of each transaction.
This transparent self-service provides DAO members with the secure and comfortable environment that today’s generations crave.





Keeping with the analogy of the digital “limited company,” as we all know, you must own shares of an organization in order to have voting rights. In the case of DAOs, these “shares” are obviously tokens.

A DAO does not have a central management, so individuals who possess tokens jointly decide in accordance with shared objectives. In contrast to conventional company models, all changes in a decentralized autonomous organization must be approved by all members.


Every single rule and transaction within the organization is encoded in a blockchain that ensures the integrity of their operations.


How can someone become a DAO member?


Essentially? Any way. And that’s the real beauty of DAOs.


Unlike the physical world and traditional companies, a DAO does not discriminate between members. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your financial situation is, your age, or your gender.

If we had to sum up the essence of a DAO in one word: common. Common purpose, common interest, and community.

And the emphasis would mainly be on the latter.


How to get tokens naturally is different for each DAO, so we can’t make a general statement on the issue.


However, the two most common and simplest ways are:
By being active and/or by buying.

While the latter will only be accessible sometimes, the former will offer a range of opportunities for community members to earn tokens, such as through successfully completing certain tasks or taking part in contests.

With this mechanism, we hope to prevent the emergence of so-called “whales” who would gain power through a majority stake while still guaranteeing that anybody may acquire tokens or voting rights.

Based on the information presented above, we hope you can understand why we use the abbreviation DAO in our name.

We are a community bound together by the play-and-earn lifestyle. We have common interests and common goals, which we pursue together, helping each other.

We are revolutionizing the gaming market in Central Europe! 🙂

If you want to be part of it, come and join us on our Discord server.



AMG is a decentralized autonomous organization, bridging the gap between players and web3 game developers, bringin the next billion users into the metaverse.

AMG acquires non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used in blockchain-based games and acts as a trusted party advocating for games in the metaverse, thus bringing more people in.

We are leveraging strong partnerships with games developers and Yield Guild Games to launch our organization to the forefront of the Central/Eastern European gaming market.

AMG DAO has been building a game focused crypto wallet, guild management and other tools to keep contributing to the ecosystem, in order to aid the creation of games with sustainable economies.


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