Savings or investment?

How you should see crypto earned from P2E?   In previous articles, we’ve covered the play-to-earn topic several times. We have discussed where play-and-earn came from, where it is going and what it means for us as a Guild. In this article, we would like to focus on the “earn” part of the game, namely… Continue reading Savings or investment?

DAO and Guild – Bridges to the world of video games and crypto

The role of the Guilds in the metaverse     One of the major developments of the previous year is metaverse (and the coming period).Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks, supporters and opponents, just as with every invention. But there is no denying that the process is on way, that advancement is ongoing, and… Continue reading DAO and Guild – Bridges to the world of video games and crypto

WARNING! – SCAM, virus, hacker?

Dangers to watch out for in the crypto world     The cryptocurrency industry has two sides, just like anything else in life. On the one hand, if you can navigate it with enough skill, you may reap terrible benefits; on the other hand, if you’re not vigilant enough, you could lose everything in a… Continue reading WARNING! – SCAM, virus, hacker?

Meta…what? Metaverse 1×1 from AMG

The biggest trend of the last 2 years. But what is Metaverse?     If you follow the worlds of technology, gaming, or crypto (or a combination of these) at any level, you’ve undoubtedly worked hard in recent years if you could avoid the phrase metaverse. If only for Facebook’s unexpected name change to Meta, there’s a… Continue reading Meta…what? Metaverse 1×1 from AMG