Krypto Fighters X AMG DAO 

AMG DAO joins the Fighters’ Metaverse with Krypto Fighters 

partnership announcement




What do we need to know about Krypto Fighters?


Krypto Fighters is an NFT-based game where players can collect, trade, recruit, rent, train, and lead a team of fighters in an innovative, strategic turn-based gameplay inspired by Darkest Dungeon. The game will launch on the Polygon network.





Krypto Fighters is a turn-based fighting game where players recruit fighters to battle. Before entering the battle, players can use the facilities in their Fight Club to manage their Fighters and inventory. There are 8 different classes of Fighters, each with their own statuses and skills that can be upgraded over time.



The Krypto Fighters Economy


Our ecosphere is designed to be supported and sustained by many income streams which are as follow:













What does AMG DAO bring to the table with Krypto Fighters for players and the ecosystem?


Thanks to the partnership, AMG DAO will acquire branded assets from Krypto Fighters and continuously grow the number of assets (fighters and lands) to provide earning and gaming opportunities to any of our players who are looking to immerse themselves in the world of Krypto Fighters.





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