League of Empires X AMG DAO 

AMG DAO is building armies in the world of League of Empires, a blockchain based MMORTS

partnership announcement




What is League of Empires?


LoE is also the first true Real Time Strategy game on blockchain. The game also offers NFTs which players can own, mint, and sell on the marketplace for profit.






How League of Empires approaches Play-and-Earn


There are multiple ways that owners can earn from League of Empires. There is also a system to avoid bad faith actors from flooding the market to ensure that legitimate players and their assets maintain their value over time.








What does AMG DAO bring to the table with League of Empires for players and the ecosystem?


As a result of our partnership, players will be able to get in on the ground floor of League of Empires, earn whitelist spots and potentially participate in genesis generation events for both the NFTs and the $LOE token. Furthermore, players of AMG DAO will be able to utilize the guild’s assets in their gameplay, should they not have the funds to purchase the NFTs but still would want to participate in the game.





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