Ookenga X AMG DAO 

Leading our tribe towards Khoom with Ookeenga and AMG DAO

partnership announcement


Play and Earn, crypto gaming and how these concepts fit in the overall Metaverse trend in the future of gaming has always been on the forefront of the activities of AEY Metaverse Guild DAO or AMG DAO for short. In order to onboard the next billion people in the metaverse through crypto gaming, we are establishing collaborations with games built on blockchain-based economies. This will give our players a diverse range of games they can play and earn with and access to other offerings our DAO can offer.

AMG DAO successfully built relationships and collaborations with existing, new and upcoming PxE games.

The most recent being Ookeenga and we’re super ecstatic about sharing more information about this partnership.




One of the main things Ookeenga shines through amongst other games is the substantial background story they have built around the game itself. To read the whole story, we strongly recommend visiting the game’s whitepaper under this link.



In the beginning, there were only Ook (Sun) and Kaban (Moon). One symbolized masculinity, the other fertility. Only in the reflection on the lake could they see themselves and each other.

With their radiance merged, Kaban gestated and conceived 400,000 species of insects. Fearing destruction at the hands of his children, Ook spewed a flame that engulfed the world. It was a skyward extinction. From then on, after every tryst with Ook (Eclipse), Kaban would flee, spawning waves of insects and hiding them under the Glaik’s foliage.

Until one year, while Kaban was asleep, Ook, still obsessing with annihilation and disgusted at the sight of his offspring swarming every inch of the earth, unleashed a thick orange smog (ookeenga) that consumed the woodland within 1 kaban, all to wipe out his lineage.

Upon learning this, Kaban grew so distressed that she tore herself apart to form Amoik and sent her down into the Sacred Forest to protect her children. The insects were graced with the presence of their Mother (Amoik), while Kaban (the Moon) has been adorned with silvery grey blotches ever since. Her teardrops, falling on the Sacred Forest, watered what would become the Source Tree. Kaban was able to bestow her oom energy to protect and revive the lineage through the Source Tree.




The search for Ookah has been hampered by the Amokras’ scheming and greed, inadvertently creating a breeding ground for the remnants of the Ahika.

With the Aheka’s extinction still fresh in their mind, the Ahika started taking after the Akhah’s customs, gradually forming their own tribes.

To avoid annihilation at the hands of one individual, each Ahika tribe is led by a council.

It is comprised of three queens, each with its own army.

This decision helped the Ahika tribes regain a level playing field against the Akhah.

The war between them has changed. It is no longer an Akhah genocide but rather a fight for resources.

As the leader of the Ahika, the player must lead their tribe towards Khoom, defeat the Amukras along with their armies, and finally destroy the final boss Amoik to take back the Khoom energy from her grasp.




The gameplay of Ookeenga is a combination of 3 genres that are common in the gaming community: Real-time Strategy, Collectible Card, Tower Defense.

Players will be placed on a field, using units or spells to attack the opponent to destroy the most number of opponent’s towers (within three game minutes) or eliminate the opponent’s central tower.

The match ends when: The player beats the opponent’s main house.

Within 3 minutes, will automatically terminate the game and calculate the score based on the % remaining health of the main house and sub-towers; whoever has more towers will win. If the number of buildings is equal, the total HP of the towers will be calculated and compared to get the results. The case within 3 minutes that both sides do not lose blood will lead to 1 tie result for both players.

During the battle, there will be one mana bar that increases. The player uses that mana to drop troops. Each type of piece or spell will have a different amount of mana cost depending on its strength.




There will be 2 types of tokens used in OKG.

  • $OKG: is limited governance-supplied token. Players will need $OKG to buy/sell NFTs, breeding, or enhancing items. In addition, owning $OKG is equivalent to the player’s investment in the OKG world.
  • $KAB: Tokens received from game activities with no supply limit. Players can trade $KAB to receive $OKG. $KAB is used in most game features such as breeding heroes, enhancing items, crafting equipment, etc.



Thanks to the collaboration and partnership between AMG DAO and the team at Ookeenga, players will be able to use AMG DAO’s assets and tools to play the game in a guild setting. Players will have the opportunity to form and join stronger teams, exchange assets among each other as well as start earning tokens. Besides asset sharing, players will be able to access analytics platforms built by AMG DAO to become even better at PVE and even competitive settings, understand how teams should be assembled and how their tokens can be reinvested into the game so they can really shine through during competitions.

To sum it all up, players who might not have the funds to start the game will be able to do so using AMG DAO’s assets, plus they will have all the tools necessary to constantly improve team composition, game knowledge and even contribute to the game.




AMG is a decentralized autonomous organization, bridging the gap between players and web3 game developers, bringing the next billion users into the metaverse.

AMG acquires non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used in blockchain-based games and acts as a trusted party advocating for games in the metaverse, thus bringing more people in.

We are leveraging strong partnerships with games and guilds to launch our organization to the forefront of the Central/Eastern European gaming market.

AMG DAO has been building a game focused crypto wallet, guild management and other tools to keep contributing to the ecosystem, in order to aid the creation of games with sustainable economies.


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