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When diving deep into the world of play-to-earn games, gamers realized there needs to be more to a game than just the earning aspect, otherwise it’s just basically interactive crypto mining — or in the case of some games it’s just a screensaver you need to look at and see how your tokens are being generated.

At AMG DAO we’ve decided to actively look for games that are being played for fun first and for financial incentives second — which is coming into more and more games in the near future, however currently there’s a shortage of games you can play and enjoy — plus potentially earn from them.

One of these games that delivers on the true promise of play-and-earn is none other than Big Time, which has started waves in our community and the players and AMG DAO already fell in love with the game itself.



Therefore we decided to create a wide range of content that will help players get started in the world of Big Time. This article is going to be about the first choices you can make in the game and some of our observations.

Currently you can only play Big Time if you have obtained any of the passes from an NFT marketplace, or if you have won a Ruby pass from the Big Time Discord. Or alternatively, you can ask for a pass from us. We’re aware that free play comes soon and getting ready for it, however if you’re just starting make sure to read this.



Once you install the game and start, you will see only a few options and before you play the game you do not want to be involved in just select the server that’s closest to you and has the least amount of ping.



There’s no trailer nor storyline you need to understand or watch when clicking on play, so you’ll be directed to the next screen to check out how controls work.

Now while this might not seem like a big deal, it’s worth it to take a few minutes and go through all the controls, because even though a lot of them are what you’re already used to in RPG games.




Right now Big Time lets you choose from 4 different classes as your starter class, for which you will receive the Pocketwatch related to that class — more about this later — so you basically only use the class you want to start with but you will not need to stick to it throughout the whole game.



Here are the 4 starting classes:


Time Warrior — the classic fighter class, with high defense and the primary stats geared towards strength. Prefers two handed weapons.


Quantum Fixer — Heal your allies and decimate your enemies with this class, that is a must to every party daring enough to venture into the world of Big Time. The class has medium defense and wisdom is their primary attribute.


Chronomancer — Basically the only mage class in the game, wields a two handed mage staff and well, does magic with it. The primary attribute is intelligence to help with the damage output of the spells and mana reserves.


Shadowblade — Players preferring stealth won’t find it here, however the fight focused “ninja” class will not disappoint you. Shadowblades have low defense and utilize dual wield swords to fight off enemies.


Once you’re done you will find yourself teleported into one of the main areas of the game, where everybody else will spawn alongside you — so it’s easier to find your friends. From this point feel free to go ahead and discover all the things Big Time has to offer




Before you begin you should get to know the inventory system of the game, that’s quite straightforward and you can start by only having a limited amount of space for your items — and ultimately one of the most annoying problems of the game is that you can run out of space pretty quickly (pun intended, as there are NFT spaces in the game, too)



You can extend your inventory by picking up satchels of different rarities and they’re going to add 3–8 more spaces. Besides items, you’ll find the current pocketwatch of the character on the left side which basically determines the class you have active at the moment.


Fair warning — these pocket watches can be changed as newer ones can grant you more and different skills — therefore you will never end up with only 1 class, you can play multiple even within one quest!

When switching over to the skills screen, you will get to set the attributes and skill points your current pocket watch carries — and by changing the pocket watch you’ll change these, too.

After leveling up, you will get 2 stats points and 1 skill point each time, so spend them wisely. This being said, some skills have a limit in terms of how many points you can spend on it — so it’s different for each skill how many points will max it out.




Finally let us share a thing or two about the NPCs, environment and elements you will see and experience while playing Big Time:


Shopping robots


You can find these in major cities but also spread out in the wilderness. There are different robots for accessories, weapons, decryption etc. However so far we’ve only found that you only can’t sell your items to decrypt bots.




You will find items in the world of Big Time that are not usable or so called “encrypted”. You will not be able to see the attributes of these items unless you find a decrypter bot and use its decryption services. The cost of decryption will depend on what kind of item it is and its rarity.


Pocket Watches and gears:


Pocketwatches are basically the items that are responsible for determining the class of your character and by changing them you can become and entirely different class with different skills. Each pocket watch can add or remove existing abilities and will let you spend your skill points on creating the ultimate character you really want (we’ve seen a pocket watch add new trapping skills to shadow blades for example).

On top of this, each pocket watch can contain a varying number of cogs or gears, that also carry different buffs — such as unlocking a full defense skill tree for the assassin class making it more durable and “tank like” if you will.



Item rarities:


We know that there are different item rarities such as common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary or Mythic. These rarities usually have an effect on how much impact any given gear has, with an epic item having more attributes and buffs than a common one.




This is the biggest question everybody asks. Since only spaces will create a token economy in Big Time once they’re introduced, currently you will only be able to loot NFTs and they have a lower drop rate. These NFTs can be anything from titles to any of the items — but just a side note, currently they are only cosmetics so they do not improve the stats of your items, just make them seem cooler so you can show it off to everyone in the ever growing world of Big Time.

Recently, a lot of updates have been announced for the game, including a redesign of the entire Utility NFT system, the introduction of new currencies, and refinements to the crafting system. So it’s clear to see that the game has a bright future and a lot of potential.


This is as far as our Big Time starter guide takes us right now, we’re constantly adding new videos and streams so people can navigate this amazing world better.




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