Bless Global — Economy Explained and Rewards for Playing



Before we get into the depths of Bless Global’s planned economy, let’s start with a registration gift offered by the fantastic team at Bless Global:

Pre-registration rewards:
1. In-game Tokens: Corestal x 8000
2. Game Items:Sliver x 20,000; Hunter’s Web x 5; Lv2 Emerald x 1; Mount Capture Lasso x 5; Hunter’s Holy Lasso x 2; Treasure Map x 2


More exclusive benefits for AMG DAO Members:

1. Exclusive Gift packages for Guilds, including 0 We will provide a pet NFT Mechanical Spider for all the participants 0 A limited number (4/100 garners, Official Price of 49.9U) of Platinum VIP PASS, and Mining NFT Lv.1 Iron Pickaxe (20/100 garners, Official Price of 10U), which can increase mining efficiency



The main element of Bless Global’s Economy: Corestals


Corestals may be obtained by idle-killing wild monsters and auto-mining with ease. Corestals are important resources for core systems like gear refinement and skill resonance. They are in high demand among paying customers who are willing to pay premium amounts for them. Diligent miners can thus mint Corestals into BLEC and sell them via the PocketBuff wallet to generate consistent and significant earnings.

Paying users are also very interested in resources such as high-quality gear and other rare goods dropped. Players can mint them into NFTs and sell them through the wallet for a profit.


Circulation of Diamonds


Diamonds, the primary in-game currency, mostly circulate in Trade and Auction, which caters to both paying and free-to-play users.

Every player can exchange commodities in Trade. While different users have varying wants for trade things such as gears, skills, and potions, paying users have a particularly high demand. As a result, diamonds are a valuable money in circulation (see below).




Diamonds are easier to obtain for free-to-play users in Auction. The Auction system functions similarly to Trade, however it is based on guilds. The diamonds earned in critical guild events will be auctioned off, and the proceeds will be distributed fairly among participants.


NFT Distribution


Legendary gears and other rare things can be minted into NFTs and circulated in PocketBuff (see below).

NFT goods are extremely rare, in high demand, and in limited supply, making them excellent appreciating assets in nature. They are appealing investments for Web2 and Web3 consumers alike. Players can dissolve NFTs to get power and so acquire these things more efficiently, or they can simply keep them for sale.



BLEC Utility Token


A total of 100,000,000 $BLEC will be added to the liquidity pool, 90% of which will be issued annually and generated by players in the game. The remaining 10% is allocated to the market, liquidity, and staking rewards. Players can convert their Corestals into $BLEC by minting them or opening the special Mystery Boxes they have purchased.


$BLEC supply and issuance are both elastic. The internal token circulation consumption model, when combined with the deflation-release model, can provide rational and steady market circulation while also establishing a solid value base.

Corestals are important resources for core systems like gear refinement and skill resonance. They are usually in high demand among VIP users.

Among the in-game $BLEC consumption situations are:


Mystery Boxes:

Spend $BLEC to buy $BLEC Mystery Boxes, which contain highly sought-after, exceedingly rare, and limited-edition NFTs. The PocketBuff market is the only place where you may buy Mystery Boxes containing uncommon NFTs.

Redeem $BLEC for Corestals in the game to improve your character’s battle power and gaming experience.


Consume $BLEC to strengthen your guild and assist guild members in obtaining bonus Corestals.


Consume or stake $BLEC to gain access to external events and earn special event rewards.


BLEC Circulation


Auto-mining in Dwarven Mines can yield BLEC Circulation Corestals, which are as important as diamonds. It’s as simple as a single tap.

There are five floors in the Mines. Higher floors are more competitive while also providing improved mining efficiency. As a result, it is preferable to increase your power before entering. The NFT item Iron Pickaxe can significantly shorten mining time.




The BLEC Method


The value of BLEC is mostly determined by supply and demand in PocketBuff transactions, which also serves to stabilize the price. The price formula is shown below.


P(BLEC) ∝ Need d(Crowd) /(Output-Consumption) dt

P(BLEC): the BLEC real-time average pricing.
Need: a cohort’s average daily demand for Corestals (BLEC).
Crowd: cohorts classified according to character rank, battle power, and purchasing power.

Output: total BLEC earned in Dynamic Market Equilibrium.


Dynamic Market Equilibrium


DEMAND(t) = Need d(Crowd), which represents the BLEC demand in real time.
SUPPLY(t) = (Output-Consumption) dt, which represents the entire quantity of BLEC in circulation in real time.

DEMAND(t): The average daily demand (Need) is always large and stable since users spend a lot of Corestals on skill resonance and gear refinement to permanently increase power by a percentage. When characters reach a particular level, they gain access to skill resonance, which causes cyclical variations in demand. However, the level of gear refinement decreases as players die in battle, resulting in a constant demand-supply discrepancy among paying users.

SUPPLY(t): As the number of players increases, so will the average daily output of Corestals. However, it will eventually hit a plateau, while total daily output has a very high maximum. The number of Corestals required per BLEC increases as people mint more, creating a balancing feedback loop that compensates the Corestal surplus and variations in the number of players. BLEC is also used for other things, such Mystery Box purchases. In general, its supply will fluctuate dynamically within a narrow band.



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