Expanding the repertoire – new game additions

The first quarter of 2023 is coming to a close soon, yet work continues in full force.
Although this year will undoubtedly be the year of AI, the cryptocurrency market is starting to stabilize, thus this year may bring some positive developments.

That’s why more and better games are coming to the Web3 space and we’re all looking at them and trying them out.

We’ve already added them to our collection, so you can find them in our app and you can sign up for them!
Let’s see what we’ve collected for you 🙂



The Wake


The Wake is the world’s first and largest isometric multiplayer role-playing (MMORPG) game to feature Norse mythology in the metaverse.

The game itself is an NFT-based system and uses a $TWAKE token in-game. Except for activities, events, and tournaments, the game offers players NFT, Loot boxes, $TWAKE tokens, and various prizes. The project’s server infrastructure supports a capacity of more than 1(Expandable) million concurrent players and brings a uniquely engaging experience to the blockchain and global game market.


The Wake is a project that utilizes the power of blockchain technology to its fullest extent. In-game smart contracts and buying and selling arrangements are ready and will be active at launch. Their team is very experienced in this regard. They want to first release it via the Binance smart chain network, with the option to use additional networks, particularly ETH, when needed.

The game will be very familiar to those who already know the Diablo series, as it’s a similar-looking hack-and-slash style piece of work.

Several game modes have been released and can be tried out, including Battle Royal-style competition and even a 10v10 war against each other. The developers are currently working on new versions, maps, and game modes.
Last month, 32 Guilds participated in their first $10,000 tournament, where teams competed against each other in 10v10 mode, collecting resources and crafting items. The AMG DAO team came in an illustrious second place, which we are very proud of.



Phantom Galaxies


Phantom Galaxies is envisioned as a multichain game. Each blockchain will have its home galaxy and players from different chains will be able to interact with each other throughout the Phantom Galaxies universe. The rollout of the game on multiple chains will happen in phases and parallel with the advancement of the game’s storyline. By inviting other blockchain projects to take part in the Phantom Galaxies universe, we will create a multiverse that showcases NFT interoperability at its finest. The initial launch of Phantom Galaxies will take place on the Polygon blockchain. Additional blockchains will be revealed in due course. Over time, as player activity and the player base increase, the utility and governance token (ASTRAFER) of Phantom Galaxies will be increasingly held by players. As the game’s ownership of ASTRAFER becomes more diluted, Phantom Galaxies will evolve into a community-owned decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).


Phantom Galaxies is an open-world online space sim in which players take on a pivotal role in the war for control of the sectors of Canis Major. Players will fight on the front lines as well as explore deep space to find valuable resources and uncover the powerful weapons of the Sha’Kari. Players will select a Starfighter from four different starting classes, or Frames: the Lancer, Buster, Assault, and Breacher.

From there, they will be able to upgrade their mechs, unlocking specializations to experiment and fine-tune the perfect Starfighter setup for each combat scenario. Mechanised Starfighters are the core item that the player utilizes for exploration and combat in Phantom Galaxies. Each Starfighter exists as an NFT that specifies both the aesthetics and attributes of the in-game mech. The lifespan of a Starfighter will require different NFTs and FTs to be fused to upgrade and evolve the vehicle.

Some NFTs will be consumed in the Fusion process, while others will not be consumed but will still influence the outcome of the Fusion process. Some of the different characteristics and modifiers of a Starfighter are: Frame, Reactor, Shields, Cargohold, Thrusters, Overheat Capacity, Weapon Slots, Armour Bonus, and more. Starfighters are available in several tiers called Generations. Starfighters can be leveled up using the Fusion process.


The Mercenaries feature allows players with many Starfighters to rent their Starfighters to novice players and to players who want to focus on play-and-earn activities. The marketplace in Phantom Galaxies will facilitate the rental of Starfighters. Players will be able to rent Starfighters to other players for either a fee or a share of the spoils generated by the use of the rented Starfighter. Players would rent Starfighters from other players if they lack the funds to buy a base mech to start playing the game, or if they wish to play game content that requires a higher-level Starfighter.


If you like a good old intergalactic shootout then this is the place for you, come and try it!



The Bornless


At the heart of The Bornless is a challenging FPS game similar to a Battle Royale, but with a twist – you will be tasked to compete with rival players, ward off demons and collect precious Incense tokens. Matches are elimination based, where the winning team takes all.


In their Battle-Royale mode, users will be dropped into the thick of the action alongside the first Demon, Orobas. Eight players pair up into teams of two and battle one another in a fight for survival. But there is a twist, it’s not just people they’ll be fighting. Lurking the map is a demonic beast that teams can summon to hunt the others by spending Incense. Incense is a resource that is heavily contested and located throughout the map. Teams that fail to contest landmarks or utilize meaningful resources will find it difficult to compete as they may be mercilessly stalked across the map by the demon. It’s a race to the finish – each match ends when one team is left standing. Whether players are eliminated by another team or Orobas himself – teams that implement tactics, awareness, and resource management will have the best chance to prevail. Matches begin and players are divided into four teams of two. Before a game starts players will buddy up with their partners to queue into matches.


At the start of a match, each team begins at a different landmark on the map. Additionally, players will start the game with a small amount of Incense which they can use for their preferred strategy. Each landmark on the map has an objective – an active beacon. These beacons are where players can find and burn their Incense as an offering to the game’s Demon. However, they also have to manage their resources as Incense is used to purchase weapons and in-game items. These active beacons are indicated by our signature red beacons of light that dominates the night sky. Following an early game grace period, all beacons will be active allowing players to get their bearings. After this period a single beacon will be activated one at a time, lasting 3-minute combat rounds. From the first round on, the fighting begins.


Let’s see their tokenomics:


” Incense is the only token in The Bornless. This resource will be minted as an ERC-20 token, and then ported to other chains as we add the functionality. Over time The Bornless will become a multichain experience, initially working with either Polygon or ImmutableX. One day players will be able to move assets seamlessly between their favorite chains, eventually moving towards interoperability with other games. This means that Incense will have been tested by players, economists, and blockchain experts long before we approach a Web3 release. After reviewing many Gen 1 token economies, as well as some up-and-coming models, we have decided to implement a standard single-token economy. We have also opted away from any sort of asset-risking models that we are seeing in up-and-coming games. We believe asset-risking is not the way to achieve mass market awareness, and implement an economy that correlates mostly with a Web2 model, but includes the core features of ownership and security that Web3 provides. Even with the Machinations economy team, and other experts reviewing our Token, we will constantly stay up to date and informed about the state of Web3 gaming.”


Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition (TC:ME) | Free-to-Earn Tower Defense Game



Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition


The world of TC:ME is one where magic is real and a part of everyday life, thanks to a resource known as Mana. It’s home to two factions — the Undead and the Kingsmen. They’re at constant war with each other to control the land and Mana of the Tower Conquest Metaverse.


There are two types of Hero NFT Cards at launch for TC:ME. These Cards will have enhanced abilities and badass looks. NFT Cards will be minted on the blockchain and will be limited in number. At Launch, there are two Hero cards available. One each from each of the Factions. The economy in TC:ME heavily focuses on the players and is created with them in mind. We hope this makes TC:ME a self-sustaining and thriving economy for all. Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition is powered by the Polygon blockchain. This was an easy choice as it resonates well with our vision of having a sustainable and thriving economy along with low gas fees and a robust network which would make it a seamless experience for players of TC:ME.


Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition (TC:ME) is a free-to-earn, real-time PvP tower defense game that pits you against other players in a battle for glory! Get started for free on the Web, mobile, or PC, and earn tokens by simply playing. With robust economics that is built to last, TC:ME is accessible to players, traders, and investors alike. Before you can wage war in TC:ME, you need Cards. Cards are essentially the squad that you will pick for your battle. Before you start a battle, you will be presented with a chance to choose your Cards along with the number of charges per Card. There will be 12 Cards to choose from in the game at launch with more on the way. There are two types of Cards spanning three different categories in TC:ME.


Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition’s core gameplay has you selecting a squad of six, including a tower to battle through its campaign or against another player. The goal? To destroy your opponent’s tower. Multiplayer in TC:ME is real-time. You’ll need to be on your toes, change strategies on the fly, and react to enemy attacks while defending your tower. You play against other players from across the world and battle it out to destroy each other’s towers. And if you prefer playing solo, there’s the campaign mode. In this mode, you’ll battle against AI-controlled enemies to advance through the map of the land. You’ll complete quests, level up, and uncover TC:ME’s deepest secrets and enchanting realms as you progress through the levels.





Battle for Giostone 


Battle For Giostone is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where two teams of five players compete against each other to destroy a base that is defended by the opposing team. Each player controls one Hero with a set of unique abilities. There are six heroes to choose from and each has its unique playstyle. This allows you to find the best hero that fits the way you like to play or create a small army of heroes so you have a selection of heroes to pick from at any time.


Battle For Giostone is a gaming universe filled with amazing and unique species of heroes. While playing the game, the player can also earn resources that they can trade and sell to other players. There is only one rule when it comes to character creation and that is that one hero cannot have multiple abilities stacked in the same position. The Hero always starts the battle at Level 1. During the game, they can level up to level 10 by killing creeps and heroes throughout the match. Each level gained will open additional main and/or ranged attribute stats. Each battle will take place against other players in 5 vs 5 matches, but you will also be able to play a Story Mode in the future. There are three different lanes to take to the enemy base. Each lane has its specific playing style as well.


There are shrines located throughout each lane that will restore your health and mana without having to travel back to your base. Towers will attack all enemy heroes in their range. You must destroy all enemy towers in the lane you are traveling on en route to the enemy base. There are quite a few different ways that you can earn through playing or staking. Battle for Giostone brings a team of experienced web3 builders and MOBA players to GameFi at the right time to capitalize on the current market conditions. A team who can put together an idea, a skilled team, and have the time and space to develop it out in a bear market. This ensures that when the game launches it will be fun to play and not rushed to release as we saw many projects do during the height of the bull market that ultimately fizzled out.


GIOS (in-game token, non-blockchain) is the glue that holds the Battle For Giostone universe together. You can use them to forge new heroes (NFTs) and convert them to BFG (governance token).ERC-20 governance token for the BFG Universe. BFG Holders will be able to vote for future updates on the game and earn rewards. GIOS is a utility token that’s non-blockchain, which you can only earn in-game or convert BFG to obtain it. You can use it to Forge new heroes or get cosmetic upgrades from the shop to make your Heroes look unique.


The easiest way to think of GIOS is to compare it to in-game credits or a currency in any popular video game stored in a centralized database. The reason why GIOS is necessary is simple. That’s the only way to Forge a new Hero. When converting BFG to GIOS, you send the BFG tokens to the Treasury, and you get GIOS as a reward. When going the other way around, you’ll be taking BFG from the play-and-earn Fund, which will last for 5 years. After that period, the Fund will be empty, but the Treasury will be filled thanks to e-sports tournaments, marketplace fees, compendium purchases, or community voting.

If you like MOBA-style games then look no further, come and start adventuring in the world of Battle for Giostone!



Minecraft and GTA RP


But of course, we don’t just play Web3 games. That’s why we have decided to introduce community-only games in the near future, for which we will create our own servers.
This is why we have chosen two of our community’s favorite classic games: Minecraft and GTA RP servers will be created to serve the needs of our players.

For more details, check out the Discord channel for the games or follow the news on our app!



AMG is a decentralized autonomous organization, bridging the gap between players and web3 game developers, bringing the next billion users into the metaverse.

AMG acquires non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used in blockchain-based games and acts as a trusted party advocating for games in the metaverse, thus bringing more people in.

We are leveraging strong partnerships with games developers and Yield Guild Games to launch our organization to the forefront of the Central/Eastern European gaming market.

AMG DAO has been building a game-focused crypto wallet, guild management, and other tools to keep contributing to the ecosystem, in order to aid the creation of games with sustainable economies.


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