The pioneer and innovator of the Web3 world: Gala Games


On May 15, customers will get an airdrop of a new version of Gala Games’ native tokens, the company’s creators said in a blog post on Tuesday.
Holders of the existing gala (GALA) version 1 tokens will get a 1:1 drop of the version 2 tokens. Following the release of the v2 tokens, developers said that the v1 tokens are not supposed to retain any value.

As part of a larger update to the Gala smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, Gala said the v2 tokens. The upgrade will increase Gala’s security and incorporate burn mechanisms, which might increase the tokens’ value in the long run.


Okay, but what is Gala and why is it such a big deal?




Gala Games history


Gala Games is a play-to-earn gaming platform built on blockchain that awards players with virtual goods for their success in-game. Gala Games solves a significant issue that previous video game players have encountered: the inability to claim possession of goods acquired via gaming.


Real-time strategy (RTS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), role-playing game (RPG), and other games are available on the Gala Games platform. Although the gameplay in each game varies greatly, all of them provide players incentives in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the GALA money.


Running on the Ethereum blockchain is Gala Games. To let participants to transmit and sell their tokens at lower gas costs, the platform has also collaborated with the Polygon network and successfully bridged to BNB Chain via the p.Network Bridge dApp.


GALA, an ERC-20 token and the native token of Gala Games, is a means of exchange for users participating inside the Gala Games ecosystem as well as for in-game purchases.

Gala Games use the Ethereum network, but the development team has revealed intentions to introduce Project GYRI, an independent blockchain that will be fueled by the GALA token.

Gala acts as the medium of exchange, enabling token holders to make purchases and send money amongst each other inside the ecosystem of the site.



How do Gala Games operate?


Various blockchain games are available from Gala Games, produced by both their own studio and other collaborators including Ember Entertainment, Kung Fu Factory, GAMEDIA, Certain Affinity, and 22cans.


To provide play-to-earn games to their fans, Gala Games depends on the following factors:


Gala nodes

Gala Games is run by a distributed computer network as opposed to a centralized server managed by a single business.


These players, known as nodes, provide processing power to the decentralized gaming network of the Gala Games in return for incentives. Operators of a Founder’s Node are responsible for validating transactions, creating GALA assets, and protecting the platform from harmful or fraudulent activity. GALA tokens and exclusive NFTs are occasionally given to nodes as compensation for their computing work.


Node operators have the ability to vote on community resolutions and influence ecosystem growth. The GALA token may be used to buy a Gala Node license, which is necessary to run a Gala Node.


Gala Games environment

Gala Games provides a wide range of games that keep drawing millions of gamers to the website. Popular games consist of:


The first game introduced by Gala Games was Town Star. In order to build a functional town, players compete to build its necessary elements, such as water sources, agriculture, and storage facilities. A portion of the weekly prize pool is given to winners.

Mirandus is a role-playing fantasy video game where players battle monsters, expand their territories, and get prizes for their accomplishments.

Spider Tanks is a multiplayer online war arena game where players use a variety of weapons to fight on a variety of terrain.

In the player-versus-player (PvP) tower defense game Fortitude, players use a variety of techniques to both assault and protect their own communities.

In the sci-fi strategy game Echoes of Empire, players compete for limited resources that are dispersed throughout the cosmos.

By connecting its tokens to the BNB Chain via the p.Network Bridge program, Gala Games sets itself apart from competing platforms. Due to its compliance with the BEP-20 token standard, GALA tokens are cheaper to use or exchange on the Gala Games platform.




Why purchase GALA tokens?


In order to make in-game purchases, blockchain gamers may wish to have GALA tokens. Users who want a role in how Gala Games develops and the games it offers can spend GALA tokens to buy a Founder’s Node and have a vote in how the platform develops.


To encourage gamers to play their games, developers who want to have their titles in the Gala Games catalog may also own GALA tokens. The GALA ecosystem can grow even more as a result of game developers integrating GALA tokens and NFTs into their creations.


What is Gala Games and Entertainment?


Gala Games and Entertainment is a media firm that specializes on breaking new ground in the gaming, music, and film sectors. Eric Schiermeyer, a Zynga co-founder, created Gala Games and Entertainment in 2019. Zynga introduced well-known successes including Poker, Mafia Wars, and Farmville under Schiermeyer’s direction. The amazing brains behind well-known games like Command and Conquer, Doom, Unreal, Halo, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty, and many more are now concentrating their efforts on Gala Games and Entertainment.


What is GYRI?


Gala Games and Entertainment’s L1 blockchain, known as Project GYRI, was created with the goal of handling the transaction throughput required for games to expand and scale while giving token holders ownership that can be shown and verified. Project GYRI is created to be the foundation of the Gala Ecosystem and has the potential to grow horizontally to accommodate an endless number of games.


NFT Gaming’s Capabilities


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the in-game products that may be purchased within the Gala Ecosystem. These things have a variety of uses, and each is special in its own way!


NFTs can range from basic aesthetic adjustments to those that let players really own playable characters. Character development may occasionally be connected to the NFT. This gives players who own their things outright (NFTs) the authority to give or trade them to other players.


Owners can Play-And-Earn with their in-game stuff depending on the NFT. In certain games, players receive game currency as rewards for completing particular daily tasks or winning a predetermined number of matches. The gamer is free to use this coin anyway they see appropriate. The game’s blockchain integration gives players total control over NFTs and incentives.


The eventual renting mechanism employed in these games allows players to hire out their NFTs. As a result, a person can use the renting system offered by a game rather than having to transfer complete ownership of an NFT to another person.


Players may lend or rent using this system without leaving the game because to its seamless integration and simple user interface. All of this is made possible through smart contracts, which let NFT owners give other players secure access to their NFTs so they may take use of them.


Both the owner and the renter will receive incentives under the rental scheme. By lowering the entry-level requirements, almost anybody may now take part in the Play and Earn ecosystem.

Gala Games & Entertainment’s initial concentration was only on gaming, but Blockchain technology has proven helpful in ways that go beyond games. By empowering artists, rewarding fans, and creating a decentralized ecosystem, Gala Games and Entertainment has since grown and started to apply its skills to transform the music and film industries.



Making changes in the Music Industry


There has been a significant gap between musicians and their fans in the world of music. Artists must collaborate with record labels or other streaming platforms in order to acquire traction rather than selling a song to fans directly. Unfortunately, the artist receives relatively little money from these services. Additionally, some of the most well-known sites charge monthly membership fees while preventing consumers from purchasing the songs. Additionally, if a streaming service requires exclusivity from artists, this may have a negative impact on the size of their fan base.


Even while this could be practical, Gala Games and Entertainment is offering a different option through blockchain. Now, musicians may sell their songs straight to their fans. Additionally, fans have the option to purchase an NFT, which offers more advantages than just the ability to own a tangible copy of the music.


Participating in Listen and Earn, made possible by a decentralized music streaming network, is one of the amazing things individuals can do. With the help of this ecosystem, node owners, NFT owners, and listeners may all support musicians, gain incentives, and interact with their favorite artists in novel ways.


Blockchain shaping Film


The film business has faced challenges, just as the music industry. DVDs and Blu-rays have been commonly used for watching movies and television shows. The business is moving toward digital-only journalism, meanwhile, and many platforms now demand a membership to their service, according to recent trends. While this does offer a simple and handy means to access material, it also precludes a person from really possessing a copy.


Frequently, a movie or TV program will only be available through a certain streaming provider. People must purchase several memberships due to this exclusivity in order to access all of their favorite material. Content producers receive lower pay for their labor as media companies seek for a subscription-based business model.


Content producers sometimes have to provide a sizable portion of their money to the streaming platform rather than receiving a direct upfront sale from selling their physical media in a shop. On streaming platforms, where the platform decides what is promoted on the main page while the up-and-coming producers are left behind, there is also more intense rivalry.


Gala Games and Entertainment works to create a system that is different from the one we now have. Filmmakers will be able to sell their work directly to fans and give them access to special events. Gala Film will feature a Watch and Earn environment similar to that of music, allowing artists, Node Operators, Owners, and Supporters to take use of, enjoy, and profit from it. The combination of Blockchain technology and the Gala Node ecosystem makes this feasible.


What Nodes are and what you should know about them?


 A decentralized network of nodes powers the Gala Games and Entertainment ecosystem. Each type of node has a specific workload critical for the network to run. 

Workloads are the tasks done by each node license. The first nodes released were called Founder’s Nodes. Everyone who operates a Founder’s Node is contributing to the growth of this decentralized network and can vote on decisions regarding the direction of the Gala Games and Entertainment Ecosystem.

 The next node type is the Game Nodes. They can perform specific tasks to help the games function. For example, game Node Operators can use the Gala Node software to run specific workloads, like a game server. This means that instead of a gaming company need to rent out or have server space, the game node network will be able to run the servers by the Node Operators. 

Another type of node that’s part of the ecosystem is Player Nodes. These nodes allow users to play their music NFTs or let others listen to them. The node acts like a decentralized music player, and it can host copies of songs for others to listen to. 

The most recent iteration of Nodes are the Film nodes. Operators can run a Film Node to watch and host films for others to enjoy.


Developing people’s power


The strength of decentralization allows individuals to reclaim control over their preferred movies, music, and video games. Gala Games and Entertainment is breaking the mold by embracing blockchain technology to transform these sectors. Gala Games and Entertainment has distributed more than 2 billion dollars in prizes to its members through the ecosystem by using programs like Play and Earn.


This has improved the lives of many community members and lifted many individuals out of poverty in developing countries. Gala Games and Entertainment works to elevate both the ecosystem’s users and content producers as these systems develop and improve over time with additional games, music, and movies being uploaded to the platform.




Gala is a project with a hugely complex ecosystem and a big future ahead of it – we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on the changes and the new releases they announce, as we have a lot of confidence in them as a game studio and as a Web3 pioneer.

That’s why we are very excited about the V2 change coming on May 15th and we can’t wait to make sure that all owners pay attention and don’t miss out on this history-making airdrop.




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