May Mayhem Mustering


” The Mayhem is thick this time around, with more playable games and more ways to win than ever before. Welcome to May! Hopefully you weren’t planning on any spring cleaning, because it’s time for some serious gaming.

You’ll find various reward rabbit holes through the links below, plus plenty of reward opportunities that we’re not even prepared to mention.

Let’s get right into the Mayhem.”


With these words Gala Games invited us to their event at the beginning of May, where there were lots of games and even more promos available.

Okay, but what is May Mayhem and why is it such a hit among Web3 games? Let’s walk around the topic!



What is Gala Games?


A blockchain gaming platform called Gala Games provides a selection of play-to-earn (P2E) games.
Gala, a gaming platform built on Ethereum, provides a selection of games that encourages users to accumulate cryptocurrency and NFTs through playtime. These games are run on a distributed, user-owned node network that secures the platform and directs its growth.


Axie Infinity, an early entrance into the blockchain game market, saw tremendous success and encouraged more enterprises to investigate the market. Gala Games was subsequently released in 2019 to take advantage of the widespread use and demand for blockchain platforms among gamers.


Due to the functionality of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain gaming can only guarantee demonstrable ownership of in-game assets, which has attracted both the crypto and gaming communities. In video games, players may buy and sell things like swords, potions, tools, and land, and the law of supply and demand determines how much such things are worth.


The native GALA token of Gala serves as in-game money, a reward incentive system for node operators, a form of payment for goods in the Gala Store, and a voting medium for governance.

In 2019, Eric Schiermeyer, Michael McCarthy, and Wright Thurston co-founded Gala Games. In the past, Schiermeyer was well-known for co-founding the online gaming company Zynga, which was instrumental in the creation of Farmville, Mafia Wars, and several other well-liked mobile games.Prior to joining Gala, McCarthy previously served as a director at Zynga.


The development crew expanded to include people who worked on well-known video games like Doom, Halo, and Call of Duty.

The Accelerator Fund at Binance provided funds for the creation of Gala. The team further disclosed a cooperation with venture capital company C2 Ventures in 2021 to establish a $100 million fund to finance investments in P2E games and the metaverse.
Many play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games, in the opinion of some critics, prioritize financial incentivization above fun gameplay. In response to this critique, Gala Games seeks to make “blockchain games you’ll actually want to play.”


The Gala platform offers the following services to that end:


Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), real-time strategy (RTS), simulator, and role-playing (RPG) games including Spider Tanks, Legends Reborn, GRIT, and Walking Dead: Empires are among Gala’s immersive games with cryptocurrency-based prizes.

NFTs are in-game things, such as weapons, tools, and skins, that may be purchased and sold on OpenSea, one of the biggest NFT markets in the business, as well as the Gala Store, which serves as an NFT marketplace.

Movies and music – Following its original foray into gaming, Gala has introduced venues for artists to sell their works directly to customers in the areas of movies and music.

Gala unveiled Project GYRI in February 2022, a separate blockchain that would house Gala’s ecosystem. The Gala team intends to change the blockchain from its initial permissioned form to a more decentralized one once it has shown to be reliable.




May Mayhem at Gala Games: What Should You Know?


Annually, May Mayhem is a Gala Games celebration of web3 gaming. The best blockchain games offered by the corporation provide players thrilling chances, including challenges, freebies, and upgrades.


The May Mayhem rewards event offers participants a ton of chances to win big. Players may earn a total of 6300 $GALA by performing a variety of tasks, from finishing 10 trades to placing in the top 500 in contests, with six Achievement awards available.

Town Stars, Champions Arena, Meow Match, Echoes of Empire, and The Walking Dead: Empire, to mention a few, are some of the major games taking part this year. Players can collect prizes and benefits from more than 10 games overall.



With Spider Tanks, you could earn huge bonuses in May Mayhem


Players of Spider Tanks had the opportunity to gain extra goodies during May Mayhem at Gala Games. For participants who have won at least 10 games, the blockchain game ran a new event every week last month. Your prize and bonus tickets in the game increased as you completed more assignments.


For last month’s Spider Tank awards, players must win between ten and seventy games.

Simply said, in order to be eligible for a Tier challenge, a player must have won at least 10 games. The biggest amount of Arachnium, the native currency of the Spider Tanks, is awarded to the top winners who win at least 70 bouts.


Additionally, participants had the option to register for thrilling prizes that included in-game goodies including Common Crab, Craggy Skin, and Common Rallgun.

Players in the MOBA eSport game Spider Tanks must cooperate to fight each other and win SILK tokens. How Do Spider Tanks Work?


In essence, Spider Tanks is a team-based eSport game from the Gala Games universe. To complete each other’s Tanks, which have various attributes, players must compete to win battles.

In addition to customizing their tanks, players may purchase equipment to improve their performance in-game. Each digital addition can influence a player’s style and growth, from Weapons to unique Abilities like Shields and Healing.

Although brief, the Spider Tanks bouts are fierce. To combat and shoot down their foes, players must utilize a mix of keyboard keys and mouse clicks. Victory Points, which can be used to purchase and sell in-game goods, are awarded to winners.

More recent additions from the founding team include interesting new capabilities like personalized contracts. Additionally, gamers may now complete weekly and daily quests to continuously collect prizes. The game’s economy, which revolves around the native SILK token, is improved by all of these enhancements.



However, not only were there in-game prizes to be earned or won, but there were also huge sales and bundle sales for several games. Let’s look at some examples:


Let’s see the first one related to the Champions Arena game:


” Have you yet engaged in combat? Even the best Champions are still challenged in the arena.

The Estate is crucial for players who want to possess property in the game, since it allows them to enlist the help of others in their pursuit of fame.

A crucial magical tool for the truly great Champions may be found in the Nexus Bundle. You and others can attach Champions to a Nexus. The owner of the Nexus, the owner of the Champion, and the player can then share the benefits won by using those Champions, which can then be utilized by other players.

The Legendary Hero Veronika is another special opportunity included in the Nexus package. Every time a Nexus sale occurs, all Nexus owners — including those who bought a Nexus from a previous sale — will get a unique, exclusive extra NFT!

We’ve made the decision to extend that benefit to Estates as well going ahead. Each time an estate is put up for sale, holders will now additionally get a unique extra NFT!
Since May Mayhem only occurs once a year, we figured we may as well make these discounts more enticing so you can get your quest off to a good start.

The Estate Bundle now includes a bonus Gem Box for all buyers, and both bundles include a Legendary Aura set that includes a Belief of Light Aura for each of the four classes! Although we are aware that every Estate buyer also bought a Nexus, there are a few situations in which you might wish to have more than one of these Auras on hand. ” 


Let’s see what happened in the other games:


It was revealed that the current GRIT Playtest is now available to everyone for free on the Epic Games platform as a special surprise. Even playing is possible with NFTs.


The huge web3 launch of Dragon Strike, one of their first rebranded web3 mobile games developed by Ember Entertainment, is soon here. Playing with NFT Heroes and the opportunity to mint NFT Heroes will be among the first features. Watch this space for further information.


Town Star published a comprehensive summary blog with all the May Mayhem chances earlier in the month (May 8), including tournaments, loyalty programs, and referral bonuses! In addition, Town Star has received a significant overhaul and redesign with a brand-new engine! Have you tried out the updated Town Star yet?


What is Town Star?


Who among the 600 million players of town and farming games is the best? Town Star will research this! See how you compare to our new world champions by building a prosperous town!
Players must accomplish Daily Challenges and utilize NFTs in-game to gain Town Points in the first play-to-earn town builder ever created by Gala Games.
One of the co-founders of Zynga, the firm that created Farmville, created the competitive farming game called Town Star. Players may win significant rewards by climbing the leaderboard, and they can also earn Town Points by doing tasks. The objective of the game is to establish the most effective and productive town conceivable by growing, gathering, and crafting your way there. You may become a town star.
Gala Games’ flagship title, Town Star, was created using the Ethereum blockchain and Gala’s decentralized network. NFTs held by players that provide benefits in-game are available for purchase and trading on secondary markets!


The Mirandus team has not only announced a 1,000,000 MTRM Tech Test Reward for May Mayhem, but they have also revealed a video content reward for the Tech Test in which 10 producers will each get $500 in $GALA!


What is Mirandus tho?


The vast planet of Mirandus, an epic fantasy role-playing game, is governed by five player-monarchs. Players in the game have complete freedom of choice: they can embark on a solo adventure into the wilderness to test their mettle against the creatures of the dark forests and dungeons, team up with one of the kings to serve as a knight in their court, or establish a business in one of the five major towns of the realm. The ability for players to possess land rights, which allow them to claim areas of the wilderness and establish holdfasts ranging from modest farms to enormous cities, is a key gameplay aspect. In Mirandus, you get to pick your character and your own adventure in the grand struggle against evil.


Overall, it is clear that this year’s May Mayhem was packed with a variety of activities.


Sales, gameplay evaluations, fresh releases, and even certain game releases that were being considered were all visible.


Gala Games will undoubtedly release new content each year to maintain its status as a major player in the Web 3 gaming market.

You may be sure that we will continue to monitor Gala Games activities the next year. Let’s hope a bull market will have emerged by then and that nothing will prevent the gaming studio from becoming a business behemoth.

You can be sure that we will be supporting them!



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