“Little by little one travels far”: introducing the Quest System


I’m sure most of you are familiar with fantasy and role-playing games, therefore you won’t be unfamiliar with the phrase “Quest.”

In video games, a player-controlled character, party, or group of characters may undertake a quest or mission in order to get a reward. Role-playing and massively multiplayer online games are where you’ll often find quests.

Even if just because Guild also has its roots in role-playing games, the phrase “quest” is familiar to us. A guild is an organization made up of craftsmen or merchants that came together to safeguard one another and regulate commerce in a particular region. Anyone trying to practice their profession who is not a member of the guild would either be promptly expelled from the city or convinced to join.

In a nutshell, a guild is a collection of individuals with shared interests who support and aid one another in daily activities.

Let’s now examine the significance of this new mechanism for AMG DAO.



The Quest System


A quest is a journey that has a clear aim or objective in mind. In mythology and literature, it is a story technique that describes a challenging journey toward a goal that is frequently symbolic or metaphorical. Every country and ethnic community has its share of folklore that features stories about journeys.

But in this instance, the tale is far simpler. We wanted to create a system that would push the people in our community to continuously learn new things and put their existing abilities to work. But because we are aware that every individual is unique, we have created and will continue to create a wide range of tasks. Our aim is for everyone to discover a daily activity that fits their personality and skill level.

As more and more people other than “simple” Web3 gamers began to surface and as more and more career paths started to unfold, the necessity of building missions was all but unavoidable. There were those who desired to become game masters as well as gamers, farmers, e-sports competitors, streamers, and other content providers.

Fortunately, we had our own platform to help us to integrate the new system into our webapp, so it was easy to learn how to use it.


To explore the Quest System, all you need to do is simply visit our app at the following link: https://app.amgdao.com/quest/allQuests

Here you can see all the quests that are active or will become active in the near future.

The different missions can be divided into several categories, including simple tasks such as playing X number of matches per day or reaching a certain position on a leaderboard.
But for those who don’t prefer to play the game, there will be ongoing missions where you have to stream for a longer period of time (or at certain intervals) or create some other content. Here we felt it was important to try to get all members of the community involved and find tasks that are exciting for everyone.

Applying for the mission of your choice is as easy as pressing a button. Once you have signed up for a mission, all you have to do is complete the tasks assigned to you at certain intervals and present the evidence to the person in charge via the appropriate Discord channel and complete the mission. Then we can sit back and wait for the appropriate Experience Point or other reward to arrive.


Now is the time to say, okay, but what is the experience point, should I know that?

In some tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) and role-playing video games, experience points—often abbreviated as exp or XP—are used as a unit of measurement to represent a player character’s advancement in the game and accumulation of life experience.

In our case, it simply means that the more missions you complete, the more experienced you become and the more experience points you get. By accumulating a certain number of these points, you can even level up – like in a role-playing game or fantasy world – which you can view in the My Profile interface to see how you are doing at each level.

After you reach certain experience and level milestones you will get rewards from us. There will be a Shop where you can spend your accumulated experience points to buy various things like exclusive merchandise, NFTs, Whitelist Spots, or even AMG tokens with a discount!

You can see how much we care about this system and will continue to improve it. The next step will be the development of the Engage to Earn system, which will incorporate missions as well as the already working streamer system. Our goal is to be able to earn money or other rewards as a community for virtually any daily task.

Keep your eye on this page and follow us on Discord for more information about the newest releases!


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