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Web3 was designed to fix the difficulties produced by monolithic technology corporations’ corporate control over web2. Thus, other control mechanisms are gaining popularity. Web3 games are one gaming option. Their suitability relies on several aspects. Two blockchain gaming methods exist.


Play-to-earn games’ lack of quality and regularity bores players and kills the game, despite its initial appeal.

This vicious cycle leads to decreased player numbers, income, token, and NFT values, game development ROI, and project collapse.

Play-to-earn gamers must either switch to a new P2E project or abandon the concept. Most P2E crypto games’ fates are related to the bad project trip with the same conclusion.


However, there are still some games that can break out of this vicious circle and make the whole Web3 gaming industry better by showing innovation and development.
One such game is our newest partner Crypto Unicorns, which is adding more and more powerful and quality content to its games. Today’s short article will highlight this partnership and the potential it offers.



What is Crypto Unicorns?


Crypto Unicorns began as 10,000 NFT eggs that might hatch into the first generation of Polygon blockchain unicorns. Players breed Unicorns, gather the cutest, and farm for resources.
Rainbow Token ($RBW) and Unicorn Milk ($UNIM) are Polygon ERC-20 tokens that support the Crypto Unicorns ecosystem. The Unicorn DAO’s governance token, the Rainbow Token, lets holders make gameplay and ecosystem choices. Unicorn Milk is used to produce, hatch, and evolve unicorns in the game.

Crypto Unicorns simulates blockchain farming. Players buy NFTs of digital land parcels and build a kingdom in the game. They may then have their Unicorns collect, craft, harvest, and go on missions to boost farm efficiency.

Players may breed their Unicorns in a Nursery, allowing them sole control over population growth. Unicorns and Land may only be bought on Hawku and OpenSea when other players list them.

Crypto Unicorns has no set rules. It’s beautiful. All play styles can enjoy the game loops!



Land Gameplay


Breeding, gathering, questing, and crafting are the Unicorn Multiverse’s main activities on land.
Players manage their own universe by combining rare land parcels with farming structures.
Players may also create Jousting tournament tickets in Unicorn Land.


Farms and other structures must be built on Land NFT. To personalize their land, they can plant their farm anyplace. They can reorganize it afterwards.


  • Land NFTs bind buildings constructed and upgraded on them.
  • Land NFT trades include Buildings.
  • When the Land NFT is transferred, buildings maintain their Level, benefits, and prior owner’s placements.


Farming tokens are mostly earned by picking and selling berries at the Market.


  • Farms generate berries when players sow seeds. Adjacent lands impact harvesting.
  • The quantity of berries collected from a growing seed is random, however adding a Unicorn to the farm or raising its level can boost it.


You may not be aware, but unicorns make wonderful farmers. They know how to maintain soil properly nourished, and their horns are ideal for digging in the ground!

To increase the quantity of berries gathered, players can send their Unicorn NFTs to labor on a farm. Unicorns of a class that is compatible with the Land will see their harvest increase even more.


A larger range of unicorn classes will be able to benefit from the class-matching bonus thanks to Rare and Mythic Lands in this instance.

Players may raise the level of their Farm and other structures by completing the recipes of Materials, which are created via Crafting in the Workshop. We’ll talk more about crafting in a later article.


Based on adjacent land, farms receive promotions:


  • A 3×3 Grid may be created by connecting up to 9 land plots in a wallet to receive adjacency bonuses for farming (and other activities).
  • Based on the amount of adjacent lands that are suitable with the land type that the farm is built on, farms will receive an adjacency bonus.
  • Adjacency Bonuses can increase Harvest Speed.





Players may send their unicorns to jousting to participate in contests and earn prizes.
In three rounds of “head on” combat, unicorns fight against one another and do damage to one another based on a variety of variables, such as: personal unicorn stats, unicorn posture, unicorn class, and luck.

The unicorns with the highest overall stats usually do better in jousts! Additionally, there is a potential for knockouts, in which one Unicorn receives a significant blow and immediately wins the fight.

It’s simple to get going in your first Jousting Bracket! You will see the Joust Registration panel with a list of all forthcoming Brackets with available slots in them after selecting the Joust button from the main CU page.


The title of the Joust Bracket, the prizes for winning, the entry fee, and the number of open places are all listed on this panel. A Joust Bracket will be locked in and scheduled after all of the available spots have been filled. A Bracket is immediately cancelled and all participants’ Unicorns, entrance money, and stuff are refunded if it doesn’t full up in time for whatever reason. Remember that certain Brackets have unique Restrictions, thus not every Unicorn qualifies for every Joust.


Simply click the Join button once you’ve selected a bracket. All of the potential awards are visible while you’re viewing a Bracket in depth! Get ready for the Joust now by preparing your corn! Click Choose Unicorn to choose your competitor first.


Next, choose the Stance that you want your unicorn to adopt for the bracket. Each Stance offers an advantage over unicorns employing a different Stance:


  • Reckless: Bonus vs Clever
  • Clever: Bonus vs Cautious
  • Cautious: Bonus vs Reckless


The final step is to select an optional consumable buff like a potion after choosing your stance. Don’t worry, buffs will continue to work throughout the entire bracket.

Once your unicorn has been enrolled for Joust, you will need to wait until the bracket is scheduled and filled. Choose a bracket even if you don’t have any unicorns registered to watch for fun!


Unicorns receive points for each successful Hit they make throughout a Round. The unicorn with the most points at the conclusion of three rounds wins! Of course, the match is ended if either unicorn is eliminated before three rounds. A Sudden Death Round is played to decide the winner if the Points are tied at the end of a round. If there is a Double Knockout, the winner of a Lightning Round is decided.


At the outset of each Match, both contestants are introduced, adopt their chosen Stance, and activate their respective Buff items before any of the three Rounds may begin. Each one should be noted since comprehending them will be essential.

Remember that Stances and Buffs endure for the duration of the Bracket, so make sure your choices will make you pleased across all Waves.


It’s time to begin the jousting after the introduction of both unicorns!


When a Unicorn receives a Hit, it’s time to check the quality of their bond. Based on each ‘corn’s Score, the striking Unicorn rolls an Impact Test to estimate the likelihood of each possible consequence.


Three different sorts of hits exist:


  • Glance: Though technically a hit, don’t anticipate receiving as many Points for these as you could for other categories. Even so, this will keep you rising up the leaderboard if your rival missed.
  • Stagger: A powerful blow that fails to knock your opponent off of their feet.
  • Knockdown: Whoa! You struck them so forcefully that they fell on the ground! Of all hit kinds, knockdowns receive the greatest rating.
  • Additionally, each hit has an Impact number that measures the entire power that the Unicorn’s hit created. After an Impact, this is shown as floating words on the screen.


Unicorns who are unfortunate enough to be knocked down during a match still have a chance to rise back up. A standing 10-count is given to each unicorn so they can recuperate. Hopefully, your unicorn will stand up, but beware—a hardy, resilient unicorn is required to recover from extreme wooziness!


Registration for each Joust Bracket requires an Entry Fee. Each Bracket will only ever have one cost, never both: UNIM or RBW. Keep in mind that this also decides the currency in which you will get your prize because 90% of it will be distributed to participants as winners.
Before attempting to participate, be careful to verify whether the bracket has any restrictions. For competition, they may specify a particular class of unicorn, mythic status, or even statistical minimum! The Restrictions will often be more onerous the more intense the competition and Rewards.

A player will be given a preview of the Rewards at all prospective locations after they have decided which bracket to register for. Each reward will consist of a combination of a cash payment (in the same currency as the entry fee) and fixed things like jousting tickets, buff potions, crafting supplies, and jousting lootboxes. Depending on the Bracket, the particular awards will change.

There will also be other brackets that are either more exclusive or selectively scheduled in addition to the “core” rounds. Although “core” brackets will be beneficial, these are worth watching out for as well!


  • Champion’s/Consolation Brackets: These are less common than other brackets but have a bigger potential prize. They need Winner or Loser Tickets, accordingly.
  • Class-based Brackets: We’ll be running them on a rotating basis so that students may compete inside each class to discover who is actually the hardest.
  • Brackets for Special Events: We will also run specific Jousting Brackets for a short period of time, frequently with special or unique awards, while hosting special events (such as holidays or seasonal events).





The core mechanism of Crypto Unicorns, which enables all of the enchantment, is breeding. Since new Unicorn NFTs are only produced when players choose to mate two existing unicorns together, the fate of the unicorn population is entirely in the hands of our players.
The best players are constantly on the lookout for chances to breed two strong Unicorns together in the hopes of producing better progeny. More Mythic pieces and greater total stats tend to make unicorns more potent in many game mechanics. Future lineages can be manipulated in-game using tools like Breeding Boosters and Evolution Boosters by players.

Modern unicorns that can help other breeders expand coveted bloodlines might fetch a hefty price!


Unicorn Classes


Each unicorn has a completely distinct look and set of 18 gene traits that make up their genetic makeup.
There are nine classes that are divided into three groups, and each unicorn belongs to one of them.

Each unicorn has a special set of genetic abilities that enable them to excel in combat cycles like jousting and racing. Each class is exceptional in specific areas and remarkable in its own right!
Some unicorns have distinctive Mythic parts that set them apart from other unicorns and occasionally provide them little benefits.

Through fortunate and intelligent breeding, mythic pieces may be passed on, which results in the gradual emergence of additional Mythic Unicorns. There is no set supply for them.


Unicorn Party


The first mobile gaming experiences under the Crypto Unicorns brand to feature skill-based, in-game multiplayer competition, Unicorn Party games pit players against one another in a range of game types and settings.


The first game, Bumpercorns, is currently accessible on desktop browsers and Android devices, while the second game, Mob Run, will debut in July.


The Unicorn Party games are perfect for short or lengthy play sessions due to their well-known mechanics and rapid matches. The object of the game Bumpercorns, which is played in a battle royale fashion, is to push every rival out of the arena.

The “Bumpercorn” gains size, speed, and strength with each foe it defeats. In game Mob Run, players are tasked with assembling the biggest group of gummy companions to follow them by either scavenging or snatching them from lesser groups.


The winning participants in each arena in both games receive rewards from the $RBW token entry pool. The cross-platform liquidity pools of the games allow for speedy multiplayer matchmaking in venues with two to ten players.


Similar to the previously released game Jousting by Crypto Unicorns, playing Unicorn Party games does not involve owning Land NFTs or taking part in the Farming game cycle. Since Unicorn NFTs may be used in both of the new games as well as the Crypto Unicorns Land Game and Jousting, the games provide distinct yet complimentary experiences to the players. This strategy expands the usefulness of Unicorn NFTs and offers a number of possibilities for players with different interests.


You can try these games for free at the link below:

Crypto Unicorns • Unicorn Party


As you can see, Crypto Unicorns is a pretty serious game that already has a well-established and strong ecosystem that will only continue to grow over the years.

The game was initially much touted as an Axie Infinity clone, but we can now say that it has taken a completely different direction and will hopefully show much more development. This is massively helped by Zyori, who many of us know from the world of Web3 games, so we’re definitely confident in this game.


You can easily sign up to play as a Scholar with us right now in our app:


I hope we can meet as many of you as possible in the rainbow and adventurous world of unicorns!



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