Gods Unchained is one of the first Web3 games within the Guild that our people have been able to play from the very beginning. However, the game has evolved a lot since then, and according to the latest news it has also been linked to Epic Games, so it’s definitely worth dedicating this week’s article to it.

Fasten your seatbelts and let’s visit the wonderful and adventurous world of TCGs!



What is Gods Unchained?


In the free-to-play trading card game Gods Unchained, players use fantasy cards to engage in epic duels.
The game is designed to fundamentally alter how games operate by utilizing Ethereum technology to give players genuine digital ownership and the ability to acquire stuff that actually matter.
Gods Unchained offers a dynamic and competitive experience with a strong emphasis on strategy. It is directed by Chris Clay, a former game director for Magic: The Gathering Arena.

A skilled team with prior employment history at gaming behemoths like EA Games, Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, and others has invested more than three years in the creation and development of Gods Unchained.

Real ownership over in-game assets is provided by Gods Unchained by converting them into ERC-721 tokens/NFTs.

Layers are given the ability to utilize their creations in Gods Unchained, sell them for real money, and even integrate them in tools and games made by other people. This distinguishes Gods Unchained from what is provided in popular video games.



The ERC-20 $GODS token is one of the meaningful currencies and things that players can acquire by taking part in the game, which encourages competitive play and increases engagement. The essential component that will turbocharge our future success is the opportunity to receive real rewards.

In order for players to manufacture their own NFT cards, buy new card packs and chests, and receive staking rewards, $GODS tokens must be at the center of the economy. Players will have the financial flexibility to profit from and contribute to the economy since $GODS is integrated into the core aspects of the Gods Unchained experience.


The $GODS coins are ERC-20 tokens created to serve as Gods Unchained’s main in-game money. Users will receive $GODS tokens through gameplay in a manner similar to that of other in-game currencies, however unlike those other currencies, $GODS will be rare and tradable. True digital ownership is a crucial starting point, but in order to significantly alter how people see games, it must be combined with a long-term Play to Earn model. The solution to this is $GODS tokens, which will serve as the cornerstone of an economy that will enable players to make money through gaming, fuel ongoing demand for the token, and expand Gods Unchained by drawing in more and more people.

Gods Unchained’s $GODS, the game’s primary unit of exchange, is intended to improve the Play to Earn cycle by allowing owners to create new NFTs, make in-game purchases, and participate in voting processes. The Staking Rewards Pool is one of the distinctive features of the Gods Unchained economy. This rewards pool will receive any $GODS that are utilized in the game, such as when creating new in-game NFTs.

Gods Unchained will also accept $GODS as payment for 20% of all primary sales and 20% of secondary trading fees. The user can choose to pay totally in the currency of their choice if they don’t want to utilize $GODS for a transaction or don’t have enough tokens to cover the cost of the item. In this case, 20% of this purchase will instantly be converted to $GODS on the open market and delivered to the rewards pool, where it will be proportionally dispersed to all token holders that actively bet $GODS.

Gods Unchained Corporation designed, released, and distributed the token, which has a variety of uses and is a crucial component of the Play to Earn ecosystem for the game.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are special digital assets that may be bought, sold, or exchanged. They are also known as ERC-721 tokens.
The Ethereum blockchain is used to monitor ownership, enabling trustless asset security.

This technology is used in Gods Unchained to pick in-game cards and goods. NFTs provide us and our users a transparent and unchangeable means to assign, verify, and retain ownership by acting as a link between the digital and physical worlds. The outcome? the capacity to construct engaging games that benefit both the creator and the player, establishing practical connections between game and player that were before impractical.
The $GODS token’s main function is to act as in-game money that players may use to buy expansion packs or other new assets whenever they choose. This includes fusing assets to create minted NFTs.

Players in Gods Unchained can create brand-new NFTs at the forge to use in-game or sell on the market. A player who has two identical “plain” cards—that is, cards that are not NFT—can combine them to produce a “Meteorite” version of that card, which mints the asset onto Immutable L and produces a new card with real world value. “Fusing” is the term for this. We intend to add further improvements to this procedure in the future, giving people the ability to create a larger range of NFTs.



When new NFT expansion sets are introduced to the ecosystem, the Gods Unchained shop serves as the initial point of contact. The cards from these sets are then exchanged between users on online markets that employ Layer 2 technology from Immutable X. Gods Unchained will accept $GODS as payment for 20% of all primary sales and 20% of secondary trading fees since include the $GODS token in these activities is crucial to give the token genuine use.

Customers will have the option of either using their own $GODS to make a purchase in order to save some ETH/USD, or of saving their $GODS for a different purpose. The user will automatically be charged a 20% fee if they choose not to utilize $GODS for a transaction or do not have enough tokens to cover the cost.

This activity guarantees that $GODS not only circulates stably through the economy but also connects it to its core. The $GODS tokens will be transferred to the Staking Rewards Pool when a main sale or secondary trading fee is executed, where they will be awarded to all users that meet the criteria for being active stakers.


What is The Forge?


Players in Gods Unchained receive Core packs when they advance in rank via playing games. You may occasionally find yourself with one, two, or even four copies of the identical Core card and wonder, “What good does this do me?”

The Forge steps in at this point. Once a player has a sufficient number of copies of a Core card, they can fuse those cards to create a more expensive NFT version.

To do this, a mortal must work hard in The Forge, expending flux and $GODS tokens to combine these cards into an improved meteorite NFT version of that card. With this improvement, the asset is added to the Immutable X, resulting in the creation of a tradeable card with actual market worth.


To start fusing, you require three things:


  • identical plain Core cards in twos.
  • Flux is an in-game currency obtained through the Gauntlet of the Gods in Ranked Constructed games.
  • Gods Unchained’s token, $GODS, which is acquired through play and earn events, serves as the primary unit of exchange in our economy.


Flux is a resource that must be acquired through particular Ranked Constructed victories; it cannot be purchased or traded. Your current rank as well as how many games you’ve won in a new challenge known as “The Gauntlet of the Gods” will determine how much flux you receive after each victory. In short, you’ll receive more flux the higher your rank and the more Gauntlet games you’ve won.

It is also the only method to get flux. The Gauntlet of the Gods is a timed challenge that awards you for success and adaptability. When you triumph in your first ranking match of the day, your Gauntlet run will immediately start, activating the god who supports the deck you used to triumph.


For instance, Malissus, God of Death, will be the first to activate if you win with a Death deck, giving you your first flux.
Although the exact sequence may vary with each cycle, you will also activate the two gods next to Malissus, in this case, Aeona (Nature) and Auros (War). You will have greater chances to earn flux if you win a game with a deck that is aligned to one of these recently active gods. In the aforementioned scenario, a War deck’s win will open up Elyrian (Magic), and so on.

Flux will only be given for your first three victories with each god, even though you can play as many games as you want with that god. The Gauntlet favors individuals who are able to placate all deities equally and seeks to genuinely test those mortals who dare accept its task. This implies that each gauntlet allows you to earn flux for a total of 18 games (three with each god), and the quantity of flux you receive increases as you succeed in the gauntlet.


But take heed! The Gauntlet of the Gods resets every 24 hours regardless of how many games you’ve played, however there is no penalty for losing a game. Each day’s reset forces you to start over, earning the starting flux required for your rank. As you move through the Gauntlet, you collect flux at an increasing rate.


In Gods Unchained, $GODS may be obtained through a variety of play and earn activities. Keep an eye out for ways to earn them since they are continuously changing. These may now be acquired in the Weekend Ranked competition.

On Immutable X, NFT cards can also be sold for $GODS or ETH.



The Sanctum


In-game store The Sanctum offers mortals advantages over and above the 30 cards they bring to a match. The Sanctum significantly increases the strategic depth seen during play and has five side-decks.


Let’s see how everything functions!


Players get favor throughout a game in exchange for carrying out specific tasks. It is a currency provided by the gods in exchange for good deeds, and it may be used in the Sanctum during a match.
Gods Unchained is a fantastic game that offers players several deckbuilding choices throughout its six card domains. Not all War decks, not all Light decks, and so forth have the same appearance. However, games may settle into a predictable rhythm once you get into them. There are some better matches than others, and occasionally it might feel a little too formulaic. That is eternally altered by the Sanctum.


By slightly enhancing gameplay difficulty, games like Favor and The Sanctum reward skill more. Relying on play patterns that emerge when one area encounters another is insufficient nowadays. Players will now have a struggle to quickly adjust to developments you couldn’t have predicted. Players can take cards from The Sanctum that belong to a different domain, for example, a War player could take and play a Magic card. Infernos can be unleashed by Auros!


This type of play is exclusive to digital Trading Card Games (TCGs), which combine features of deckbuilding games with strategic card games. We’ve made something of our own, and we think it makes the game better for both new and veteran players. Newcomers to Gods Unchained have the opportunity to play using cards they do not own, giving them a taste of a gameplay strategy they may not have previously considered. A fresh challenge awaits seasoned gamers. We can only hope that everyone will be able to appreciate their collections in fresh ways.


What changes this in the game?


They had to reconsider their strategy for Gods Unchained matches during testing. Are there any cards in the Sanctum that might derail your plans in addition to typical metagame considerations like when and how to mulligan and understanding which god power one may wish to pick versus particular opponents? Do you need any specific cards to defeat your adversary? And what costs are you prepared to bear in order to obtain those cards before your rival?

Favor may have made mortals considerably more eager to make a “bad trade” than they were previously. If you know your opponent will kill your creatures on their turn, for instance, you can prefer to let them perish during your turn to deny them favor while simultaneously advancing your own cause. It could even inspire you to use a relic to strike your adversary! In the past, a player might use their relics to assist them take control of the board. Now, depending on the Sanctum’s condition, attacking an adversary for one damage is entirely worthwhile. because three favors may make all the difference in a game!


Gods Unchained is forging its own path in many ways, and The Sanctum is just one of them.



As you can see, we could go on for hours about the game and the mechanics and features that will be released. However, let’s take a look at some recent events!


The Epic Games Store officially debuted Gods Unchained on June 22, 2023, which is exciting news for both fans and newbies. This action broadens the game’s appeal, increases its use, and gives players a new platform to appreciate its gripping gameplay and interesting dynamics.


Gods Unchained hopes to increase its player base—currently at 230 million—and establish a stronger presence in the gaming market by signing up for the Epic Games Store. Gods Unchained has the ability to grow and continue to develop within the blockchain gaming industry with the help of the Epic Games Store.


Gods Unchained’s in-game money, known as Gods Unchained Coin (GODS), is one of the game’s fascinating features. The price of GODS coins may climb as the game becomes more well-liked and in more demand. Players can collect GODS for use later on, trade them on the market, or earn them via gaming. Gods Unchained is now priced at 12.70 Indian rupees per GODS.


Gods Unchained will most certainly draw in more players with the introduction of the Epic Games Store thanks to its prominence and accessibility, which may have an impact on the in-game currency’s worth. It offers a chance for players to have pleasure in the game while also perhaps profiting from the increase in value of their digital assets.


The blockchain-based trading card game Gods Unchained has reached an exciting new milestone with the release of the game on the Epic Games Store. Gods Unchained provides players with an engaging and satisfying gaming experience because to its distinctive gameplay mechanics and the potential worth of its in-game money. Discover the game on the Epic Games Store and immerse yourself in a universe where gods battle and strong cards are the secret to success.


But that’s not all – at the end of May there was a briefing about what new and cool things are coming to the game this year!


The most recent roadmap for Gods Unchained was given by Executive Producer Daniel Paez, and it is jam-packed with popular additions that players have requested as well as improvements that will completely change how you play!


He said:


” At Gods Unchained, we strive to continually evolve and innovate, and this roadmap reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled gaming adventure for all of you. Before we begin, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you. The community is at the heart of the game and I’m so ecstatic to be able to share this roadmap co-created with your feedback and inputs! As I always say, please continue to share what you’d love to see as it helps us direct our focus and build a better game. “


Game Mode Experiments


” Brace yourself for new game mode experiments that will offer a unique challenges to your skills. I’m also delighted to announce the introduction of the long-awaited ‘Sealed’ game mode, which the community has eagerly anticipated. I appreciate your patience and support and look forward to sharing more details with you soon.”


New Pack Opening Experience


It will never be the same to open card packs again! They are redesigning the pack opening process to include a sense of anticipation, which will make each pack opening a special occasion. All customers, especially those with slow internet connections, will have a lot better and dramatically enhanced user experience thanks to the new system. This will enable them to provide additional material directly to the gamers as part of their efforts to build the mobile experience.


New Content Creator Program


They are establishing a larger, better initiative to empower and encourage the amazing content producers in their community because they respect them. By giving their artists the flexibility to produce videos of their choosing, they want to empower them. Creators will have access to interesting partnerships, rare chances, and recognition for the excellent material they produce in addition to prizes. Keep an eye out for the improved version of this software when it is offered as a pilot in the future.


$GODS Staking Dashboard


“I’m finally excited to share our $GODS staking dashboard. A one-stop shop for you to effortlessly manage your $GODS tokens, track your rewards, and more from the convenience of a dedicated dashboard. There’s a lot more exciting things we want to do with this in the future, so stay tuned.”


Mobile Soft Launch


The Gods Unchained adventure is broadening its scope! They tested the pre-alpha earlier this year on mobile for Android users, and the response from the community was very positive. More than 60K app sessions in just 30 days! The mobile development team has already started working behind the scenes, and they plan to soft launch the game on all (Android and iOS) mobile devices later this year.


Server Logic Re-write and More


They are rewriting all of the server logic from scratch and introducing a number of additional technological improvements behind the scenes. These improvements will strengthen the game’s foundation, boost performance, and guarantee a smooth gameplay experience.


As you can see, there’s a lot of new stuff in the works for Gods Unchained that will guarantee it to be one of the most successful Web3 games ever. We as a Guild will definitely be keeping an eye on their development as the potential of the game is immense.
We recommend you give it a try, leaving the Play to Earn part aside for now, as the gameplay itself is amazing and well worth your time!



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